Drawing upon collaborations in education, rights and non-discrimination since 2003 in the Balkans and Greece, Symβiosis was founded in May 2011 in Thessaloniki. Grounded on the need for global civics, citizenship, social inclusion and political participation, we work towards democratic participation in political processes free of discrimination and exclusion, and on developing civic awareness on institutional practices regarding rights. Based on the premise that practicing human rights protection equals to democratic rule of law, Symβiosis focuses on information and education, freedom of expression, documentation and analysis, public debate and active civic participation, so that people and communities voice their needs and ideas. Symβiosis advocates for the political, social and economic participation of migrants, refugees and marginalised communities.

The School for Political Studies in Greece, established by Symβiosis and the Council of Europe in early 2014 and affiliated to the Network of Council of Europe Schools of Political Studies, aims to foster exchange of ideas and knowledge and to stimulate co-operation and dialogue among civil society, policy makers, experts and media. Since 2012 the organisation participates in the Anna Lindh Foundation Network, the Fundamental Rights Platform of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency and the Thessaloniki Municipality Migrants’ Integration Council (2012-2020).