Seminar on Integration in the European Union


Thessaloniki Municipality, M. Anagnostakis Hall, 22 October 2018

in cooperation with the Thessaloniki Municipality Migrants’ Integration Council



1: Introduction to international refugee and migration law (1 hour)

Basic concepts about human rights protection with emphasis on refugees and migrants, in national European and international context. Main regional and international mechanisms, treaties and covenants.

2: Current EU framework for the third-country nationals (2 hours)

The history of the EU legal framework about migration and refugee mobility. The EU Charter of fundamental rights, regulations and directives. Sources of humanitarian and refugee protection in the EU law. Need for reforms of the current EU framework.

3: Equal Treatment for all: The Case Law of the Court of the EU (1 hour)

Judicial protection and other forms of human rights protection and promotion. The EU and the role of the European Court of Justice case law.

4: EU as a global human rights actor & the role of the individual (2 hour)

Human rights of migrants, Integration of third country nationals, Freedom of religion, racism and xenophobia. Empowering citizens, social movements and welcome civil society initiatives