Symbiosis, Social Inclusion, Integration and Solidarity in Europe: Current Challenges and Future Prospects

Virtual Conference

Summer 2020

A conference composed of seven webinar sessions taking place over a period of several days, including presentation by eminent speakers, from Greece and from all over Europe, as well as Q&A sessions in Greek and English

Human Rights, Equality, Anti-Discrimination and Social Inclusion, in the times of COVID-19

Since the spreading of COVID-19 virus, public authorities at all government levels and worldwide faced a large-scale emergency. The ‘future’ is already announcing more challenges to human rights acquis, social, economic and institutional structures, apart from the immediate threat to health posed by the pandemic, with serious implications in all areas of our shared daily reality. State boarders have been closed to contain contagion, travel restrictions have been imposed, and personal data collection and exploitation are being authorised to a greater extent than ever. While exceptional situations call for exceptional measures, it is equally important to ensure that democracy and human rights, solidarity and cohesion are safeguarded in societies.

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Session on Human Rights

Human Rights and COVID-19, Nils Muižnieks, President of the Association of the Schools of Political Studies, Council of Europe, Regional Director Amnesty International Europe

Human Rights and Migration in the EU: Law, Policies and Practices, Ioannis Papageorgiou, Associate Professor, School of Political Science, Aristotle University (AUTh)

Equal Treatment for All – The Case Law of the Court of the EU, Andreas Takis, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Aristotle University (AUTh)

EU as a Human Rights Actor Globally, Andreas Takis, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Aristotle University (AUTh)



Ioannis Papageorgiou, Andreas Takis

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