Migration and Integration Forum

“Je t’aime,… moi non plus”: Reframing migration and integration challenges in Greece and Europe


Dates: 9 – 11 May 2019 Place: Municipality of Thessaloniki


Between 9 and 11 May 2019, Symbiosis has held a Forum on Migration and Integration, within the framework of the European Commission’s Jean Monnet Programme. The Forum was entitled “Je t’aime, … moi non plus”: Reframing migration and integration challenges in Greece and Europe and it was divided into two Roundtables, namely: Roundtable I: EU, Greece and Integration Policies and Roundtable II: Civic & Social Rights, Citizenship and the City.

In the framework of the Forum, institutional and academic representatives, representatives of international and Civic Society organisations, as well as professional and young people from around Greece and Europe, have provided lectures on relation with the topic of migration and integration.

Why though, a Forum on migration and integration? The Forum aimed at exploring the critical issues of policy-making in the area of migration, integration and the provision of international protection, through an interdisciplinary approach.

In order to make this possible, international and European experience has been taken into consideration, as well as the relevant experience in dealing with these situations over the long term, so as to achieve a smooth transition to long-term policies. In addition, during the Forum the challenges faced by several European countries, as well as the gaps between national policies and the implementation of them at a local level, were examined.

It is clear that in the current timeframe, it is of the utmost importance that a deep reflection is made on immigration, asylum, integration and citizenship policies and measures, as 2019 is a transitional year for the Greek State to take over, direct management of a range of support services and protection measures for asylum seekers and refugees.

Snapshots from the Forum

Videos from Roundtable I: EU, Greece and Integration Policies


Videos from Roundtable II: Civic & Social Rights, Citizenship and the City

Indicative Presentations

Thursday May 9, 2019
Title Speaker File
EU policy in the field of integration Antonia Psyrra View
Intercultural Cities: Inclusive integration in action Helena Rojas View
Friday May 10, 2019
Title Speaker File
Turkey’s changing migration context and its impacts for civil society Kristen Sarah Biehl View
Project on the Recognition of Qualifications held by Refugees, 2018-2020 Vasiliki Katrivanou View
The Reality Regarding Refugee’ Integration Nefeli-Myrto Pandiri View
Crisis response to irregular migration and refugee flows Nikos Rangos View
Saturday May 11, 2019
Title Speaker File
Community Centres in Turkey: Histories, Practices and Visions in a Migration Context Kristen Sarah Biehl View
Governing migration at the local level: possibilities and limits Helena Rojas View
Migration and City: Setting the Framework – UNHCR Greece Accomodation Programme Matilde de Riedmatten View

Forum’s Agenda